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Hurray! Da Vinci’s Demons is now on Tumblr!

In celebration and to wish them a warm welcome, here’s a few sceneframes we’ve done at their filming locations in Margam Park and Castell Coch, both in beautiful Wales.

Check out our location photos and additional info in the original posts here, here and here.

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Commissions /samples I made at otakuthon. There was also the pink haired pink sweater girl from an anime that I drew but forgot to took a picture of

All of them were sold except for Sasha > A > i even managed to sell that haru for 5$ and rin for 10, tho I forgot to sign it or something

This was a really fun experience. I got to draw traditionally for three days, learned how to control the markers better, actually drew a lot, and earned some money. I even got some merch traded in the end, so cooooool I didn’t know you can do that. Man I hope I’ll be able to get back next year for the con too

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New sketchbook

Little watercolor sketches done during the convention.
Loads of fun :)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
hello! just wondering would you mind if someone was to blow up your drawings into a poster? they're so amazing!! obviously it's okay if you're not alright with it x
rain7kid rain7kid Said:

hmm which ones? I kinda need to see them first…


Aaaand I’m somewhat done for now. God this was such a pain, but so worth finishing. The skin actually looks like skin :’D Thinking of adding some tattoos when I come back. IDK


Toothless is too cute


ps. I can never ever draw hand properly.