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I draw a lot. Yup. 杂食动物

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Episode 2 was  so disturbing and for the first time I felt so scared about what’s going to happen…

Can’t wait for next week

I watched S5E2 yesterday and I was speechless for a while… Here’s Carol for S5E1  


I bought a warm grey marker yesterday thought that I should try to learn to use it to shade… until I realized that one shade of grey is not enough…

Blake Riario Ritson =)

I’m sure it’s not just a coincidence that RItson plays RIario.  

And hey this is my art blog I just created and I will be posting all my work on that blog only from now on :)

Ready when you are, Sergeant Pembry.

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A Million Ways to Die in the West + scenery

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I’ve been thinking about this for so long and I was just too lazy to do this art blog…

And now I have this assignment deadline, with a little bit of help from my sharp skill of procrastination, I decide to come here and make this blog at this very specific moment to avoid finishing my…



Happy Tuesday everyone

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 Daryl taking care of Glenn (◠ω◠✿)

loving the fact that Daryl can hold Glenn down with ONE FINGER.

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NYのホテルのお部屋が寒くて風邪をひいて熱を出してしまい、行かれないのではないかと思ったけど、なんとか行って大好きなおデコちゃんに会えました。とても緊張していたのだけど、Tomが私を見てにっこりしてくれて、その笑顔で緊張がほぐれたの。まさにKiller Smileだ!と思いました。Tomはとっても優しくてかっこよかった。Lauraは本当に超かわいい!!としか言いようがない。Greggも優しくてチャーミング。目がキラキラしてたよ!

Blakeはね、本当に王子様みたいだった。「おいで~」と呼んでくれて、握手してくれて、私の絵が好きだって言ってくれました。私はあまり英語が得意ではないからBlakeの言ってくれたことの全部は聴き取れなかったけど,以前描いた小さなアメリアとルクレツィアとリアリオ様の絵を褒めてくれた。実はもう1枚描いたのは同じスケッチブックにあったのだけど、見せるのを忘れちゃった。残念。こっちも好きって言ってくれるかな。たくさんの人がLike thisしてくれたら嬉しいけど、私にとってはBlakeが好きって言ってくれる方が何万何千のLike thisより嬉しい。

4人で歓迎してくれて、具合が悪いのも治っちゃったw プレゼントも気に入ってくれたかな。ますますDVDsが好きになりました。S3が待ち遠しい。

I went to NYCC from Japan! 

I caught a cold and run fever, because hotel room I stayed was very cold . So I was afraid that I could not go to NYCC. But somehow I could go there and I could meet my precious Blake. At autograph session, Tom noticed my drawing and me, and he smiled very gently to me. His smile calmed my nerve, though I was so nervous. I understood his smile is really “ Killer Smile” :)Tom is so sweet and cool. Laura is so so so so so pretty! Gregg is sweet and charming. His black eyes were sparkling.

And Blake is like a prince actually. He said to me “Come here! “ and passed his hand and shook hands with my hand. He said that he like my drawings. I am not good at English, so I was not able to  hear all what he said. :’( But he praised my drawing of Young Amelia and Lucrezia and Riario that I drew before. To tell the truth, I had another drawing of them in my sketchbook at that moment. But I forgot to show him this. Bad luck.  Would he say he likes it, too? Though I am glad that many people do “Like this” about my drawing on Tumblr, I am the happiest when he says he like my drawing rather than many thousands of people say so.

I became well because they all welcomed me warmly.  Did they like my present? I love DVDs much more than before. I cannot wait Season3!

OMG this is awesome!!!!!!!! I can’t imagine how sweet this can be!! I really wanted to go but tickets were sold out before I even realized. They sounds even nicer than I imagined <3 

Thanks for this post!! Keep the good art coming!!


Fun facts about your sign here

SO do all the rest.

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